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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 7, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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the little little little little. the us the idol welcome to nhk world islam and you know tommy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am money is divided over plans to hold a vote on this cd from ukraine. they fled across the ocean to escape persecution. but now hundreds of the kenyan muslims detained in thailand are being sent back to the ummah and with the grants him. but for them and store brand to
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spring grand sumo tournament about to begin we take a look at what other sports up and coming restless. people in crimea are divided on ethnic lines over a poll about the region's future mac comes as russian forces have taken effective control of the peninsula despite international protests crabby as regional parliament on thursday voted overwhelmingly to become part of russia. the region's government has said mark sixteen as the date for a referendum asking people whether they want to leave ukraine and whether they want to join russia. the party. it has made a historic decision to join russia. ethnic russians make up more than sixty percent of the peninsula's population they welcome the referendum the option to put too much and you'll come for us to move and become part of russia. the crimean touch ours support the interim government and key as they
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say del boycott the vote. but yesterday the king. because christ that is acting as a means of hours. here we have to make the payments ukraine's interim leaders say the decision by the crimean government is illegal under the ukrainian constitution issues affecting the nation's territorial sovereignty must be put to a nationwide vote. the un security council has discussed the ukrainian crisis the members remain sharply divided over the crimean government's plan to secede from the ukraine after the meeting britain's un ambassador expressed strong concern. clearly such a referendum would be illegal under article seventy three of the ukrainian constitution i would also be deeply de stabilizing. but russia's u n envoy rejected the concerns they made the decision on the post. our assorted is one
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huge goal of going to make it this is called a way to deal with that. us president barack obama has urged russian press and letting your putin to resolve the situation diplomatically the leaders talked for an hour via phone. putin said his country is falling international law. white house officials reported that obama said russia's actions violate ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity obama told putin. the us will impose sanctions including visa restrictions on russian officials obama call for direct talks between the governments of ukraine and russia. he also urged to tend to agree to international monitors in ukraine. officials in moscow say putin told obama that russia's actions are in line with the international law and with the wishes of regional authorities and said ukraine's interim government lacks legitimacy the officials go putin as saying that russian us relations play a significant role in maintaining global stability and security
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the relationship must not be marred by individually shoes they say the two leaders reaffirmed that their foreign ministers will stay in close contact. ukrainian officials have decided not to boycott the paralympics despite rising tensions in crimea the games open on friday evening in sochi. about six hundred athletes from forty five countries will take part in attend a sporting event ukraine's paralympic committee had suggested that the country could boycott the competition after russian forces effectively took control of the crimean peninsula. members of the ukrainian delegation chance at peace for ukraine with that much during the welcoming ceremony at the athletes' village. aye aye aye. delegates of china's national people's congress are busy discussing this year's government work report delivered by premier and
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the crew china on wednesday it contains proposals for reforms mostly having to do with bay county. an eight year old skill cool footage has spoke to a political expert who went to the same school as a merely and got his take on the government's plans associate professor buy a cd of taking university has been studying government forms for more than twenty years. he says this year's clerk of court with a particulary strong emphasis on change. mr pyne. this year's government work report and to fall on that fed them during his speech to delegates applauded about fifty times. and the word re form was used more than seventy times. his books. i thought it was a very good report on the phone call
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the change me know the reforms announced by the national government are open not in the minutes on the recent little. you wanna try associate professor of mine says release announcement of miserable pools is in a soft milestone no home will be all up. you see sitting quantitative targets is a good way to promote the re forms. they can carry all three forms in an organization way. and it will be easier to control. he will also be easier for local authorities to understand the objectives set by the central government. so we will be more effective for achieving the re formed targets. she is still kinda funny people i also claims that centralizing more power in the hands of christian teaching and is among the government's reform strategies. one thing he says that's not to mention in this year's book of court. its structure reform. i couldn't
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find the communist party wants to be china's national security committee under its control. the committee was created by the party's central standing committee and president eugene kane was appointed its head. that's going to tekong. we are in china's political structure the communist party holds ultimate power was because the national security commission is the party organization. it will be able to exercise top down control over. this structure allows policies orders and instructions to be enforced effectively. and what she and the government is aware that it has not been able to effectively implement its policies up to now. so it is taking steps to centralize power. its aim is to create a more powerful centralized leadership which will be needed for addressing the many issues now facing china. so while china's leadership has bold plans for
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change. biti says it may require of this approach to pushing through. no cookie sheet on annie's you'll be using hundreds are raking in muslims have been living in detention camps in thailand for more than a year since they fled across the ocean from myanmar. initially the thai government suggested he will let the routine you stay in thailand at least twelve and look for third country to take them. but in most cases that never happened. the thai authorities now are regularly dip or brahimi is back to myanmar. earlier this week on nhk film crew capture the moment when a group of refugees was sent across the border. our reporter so chill pennies ella has the story the simple and humble run on a group of detainees. i'm going to retire at the mosque the hang ups. as the fec is the initial piece you feel happy too. these people are
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looking to most useful thing to pounce on him yelling forget eyes. i know the state is people booking concerns have been denied seeking the seat basic elements of nehemiah the ethics of the storm so was the state the right kind of inspired us to see him violence between the council against a conference that. i received a dorsal my congregation. thousands began mounting the choir's of thailand after chaos johnny's unique people the ecb simple nice to find a safe country to be mostly came to nothing wishing you a cheap yet cause he gets to go into it he meets fourteen hundred to get some pizza and back to him. it is you authorities
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maintained the only people to sign the two can stay in the race to become art cheese cheese cheese and one veto looked up some instant noodles was achieved. until the sixth knows what to look towards he's called on the olympics. i need to be for the ethical teachings some say he was forced to sign the agreement to go back to him. muslim women in a multilingual. i don't want to go. thai authorities forced me to sign with the evidence that the plywood i can't do anything. i just pray i'll be safe the title fourteen c to one pm to wean his own the petition the state of the fleet feet each. although your nose and fever cough i know this is a sensitive
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issue. we're following anti immigration law. we understand this is about human rights and we're doing our best. we also take her feelings into consideration as to where they want to go i think it goes with third countries. they want to go home and so we just accommodate them. now we're doing our best. the nietzsche uploading each you want. he has appealed to both governments not the single he gets back to bases near the end i just read that i please. my life groups will we be good for you as sensible human being the only thing he's looking dismal foreshore is that. for some pasta and beans must leave the country doesn't want it. gucci was the last eighteen months. a japanese man once celebrated for its ability to compose music despite being deaf and and exposes the fraud has
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apologized. mamaw to some of the goat she made his first appearance at a news conference in tokyo she was swanson adopted by the japanese media as a modern day beethoven. woo hoo i deeply apologize to the people who have listened to the music and. and you have come to the constant them i'm really sorry for causing such trouble. some are going to start to gain attention in nineteen ninety nine when he really symphonic suite rising sun. it was based on music for the popular video game or an emotion out. his symphony number one hiroshima was credited with giving people hope falling to march two thousand and eleven disaster it became a major hit. last month the university lecturer revealed that it was in fact she who had written pieces for some bocce over the past
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eighteen years he said he had never sensed that some of the goat she was deaf. some of those who distributed the diagnosis at the news conference saying he is not dead. but does suffer from partial hearing impairment he says it was wrong to make use of his handicap. but he says he wanted to encourage people who are having tough times and that his intentions are genuine. a u s unemployment rate increased in forever and that more jobs were created than many economists had expected the latest data from the labor department shows the jobless rate stood at six point seven percent. that said zero point one percentage point from january that figure were cemented the severe winter weather meanwhile the number of people employed in sectors other than agriculture rose one hundred seventy five thousand from the month
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before. analysts had expected growth of about one hundred fifty thousand jobs the january figure was also revised up by sixteen thousand to one hundred twenty nine thousand the latest japanese government data indicate that the country's economic recovery is maintaining momentum. a key indicator clients for the seventh straight month. officials at the candid about this a a coincident index of the economy when at two and a half points in january than the previous month to one hundred fourteen point eight it reached the highest level in nearly sixty years the index gives a snapshot of the current state of the economy is based on dr statistics on production employment and many other economic activities officials attribute the rise in part to the step that thou good and sales of cars ahead of the consumption tax hike next month. they also say that shipments of semiconductor making equipment to china and europe were strong. another index suggests the economy is likely to expand in the future. the leading index
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rose for the fifth consecutive month edging up zero point five points to one of the twelve point two. but officials doubt that the business outlook for small and medium size companies are worsening because of an expected decline in domestic demand after the tax hike. asia's three major economies have been trying to work out a free trade deal for just about a year but officials from japan china and south korea have failed to bury their differences over tariffs in the latest round of negotiations representatives from the three countries ended their fourth round of talks in seoul there i'm able to find common ground on how many products should be included in tariff cuts cuts each country wants to maintain tariffs on certain items to protect its domestic industries. the tone been found that what we've been able to narrow down some remaining in suits who we want to continue intensive discussions so we can agree
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on a negotiating framework for me to negotiators planned to meet again in china this summer. there a need to reach an agreement before the end of next year. struggling electronics company sony has decided to sell its former headquarters building in tokyo. this is the latest in a series of steps the company has taken to nurse itself back to financial health sony says it has signed a contract to sell the bank's headquarters building as well as another building nearby to major real estate developers sumitomo realty and development. the deal is valued at roughly one hundred fifty six million dollars to two buildings or housing sony's medical equipment and other divisions. one of these buildings has served as head office since nineteen ninety last year the company also sold some of its high rise buildings in new york and tokyo sony is in the midst of an attempt or build itself he has been suffering from slight or sales of cds and pcs. the company's expected to lose around one billion
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dollars in the current business year that ends this month. there's a new sumo wrestler on the cd who has been attracting a lot of attention. endo is known for its flexibility and balance the contender will show will get to show off his moves that this spring grand sumo tournament that starts on sunday the twenty ten has the story. and always up twenty three year old professional sumo wrestler piano good record of the dead ones. it is soo cool. he also won the fighting spirit. just one. his visit to the top of the abundance of land in progress. it's an exceptionally slow and oh does not wear a poppy. snow is a symbol of a sumo wrestler it is the reason
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through the ranks of us. he hasn't had enough time to grow his hair into a top knot i never imagined that i would come this far in one year. and those strengths are his flexibility and balance as demonstrated in his ceremonial next something routine the team comes from many years of trade. and oh stop it. not since the morning elementary school new the podium on the screen this meme the kids and the green to escape from a losing position dozen of the union. we sometimes get pushed around because i'm
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small. the joint point on it i didn't get soaked. i know to win every time. even if my style is a bit screwed. in one year since making his handlebars quickly capture the hearts of babies who will pass. his friendly smile. one of the window. never before been interesting to see uneventful fence was still the other day. the bold eighty thousand female supporters applauded for one of six pop appeal. if every single practice with people we should teach em peeled cut pretty. he only won three out of more than sixty matches the gulf in him in the sumo wrestlers was korea. his
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initial charges different bows to pressure and the speedo is splendid although he only had a few wins. and all felt like he donned a lot from the practice. did. it's not about winning will induce it's about how much i am truth between the first day of practice runs the tournament is open to what i want people to see how much i've changed. and all might even become the first japanese in eighty years to obtain your cause the grand champion stakes. first he was pleased the test us the spring the grand sumo tournament. hilary duff. nhk world. a rare documentary about north korea's film industry is about to be released in japan it's
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directed by british filmmaker james lee on the movie is titled the great north korean pictures show it depicts a group of young people who are trying to break into the country's film industry i am in. the this film was shot over a two year period starting in two thousand and nine officials under the leadership of the late kim jong il allow that to be made on condition that they have the final say in what appears documentary shows the lives of students attending the country's top film school. making it wasn't without any mishaps at one point the crew experienced a power outage while shooting i don't know. for this. i hope. moving the recent announcement. i'd go dude
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would you do. directors said the authorities ordered him to delete the sequences of outages but he explained that blackouts are also common in other countries. professor had jimmy's any of the university of his opus as the north didn't work. there used to allow embarrassing information to be shown about the country. my usual not i think the norse current leaders may want to change the country's golden. which is very different from international standards there's various film industry has been a vital tool for the rich into shape the way that people think we're back here to more snow in northern japan our meteorologist roberts pet is here with more on that robert. yes it is called the windy and heavy snowfall across much of northern japan am sure many people out here thinking oh one spring going to come already because right now we're still seeing that heavy snowfall especially across western portions of title to
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western to vocally to play two flew there and at the tokyo area here on friday afternoon and it is clear enough on the pacific coast seaboard but it's still coming down out here on a system images coming out of northern hokkaido where about sixty six kilometers per hour winds were occurring and that this occurred in ambulances slid off the road there one person was injured nothing too serious but deftly answer this with a frightening sight and that's not the ice with me as he got here before today the winds in southern awful title to the high seventeen km broward is that really blowing and there's still the threat of gossiped about a hundred twenty six going through your saturday out through sunday here snow up to about sixty centimeters possibly accumulating their over towards a western portions of a kind of pitiful coup in into the vocal week of region of the good news is that i can said partly cloudy skies across the pacific coastline the best i can be lasting very long when a new system coming in from the west nasty bring some rain showers bring down the southeastern parts of china. he has sired around thirty to sixty millimeters of total accumulations out here as it does push off their toys he is really
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the southern japanese islands all that's where you can be looking at the up rain showers out here going into your saturday evening out through sunday. now some good news behind it although as that does push up their toys the east behind a high pressure work its way in and bring some warmer temperatures might feel a bit more like spring at the very least over towards hong kong and shanghai by the end the week and into monday as he was going on in the southern hemisphere though we do have us several tropical low was out here one just off the coast of queensland and another one out there towards the golf. i do want to talk about both but let's concentrate on this one read here because that looks like the big rain maker for some these highly populated areas it up and down the queensland coast when the coastline from basically instrument qaeda under the cycle want is already in some areas could see about one to two hundred millimeters of rainfall basically started by saturday evening through sunday into monday morning drink now it's a weak storm system when unexpected any strong with any category won by odd to sleep at how much rainfall
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does occur and his death only a high risk of flooding out here going to the next several days wanna keep an eye on this one point they see that accumulation coming down golf over the weekend as well. doesn't take a look over towards the middle east if you wanna talk about whats going on here sunny skies and plays for now enjoy some comfort reasons i point the low thirties. the change up a little though the yellow coming in across the eastern parts of the mediterranean accompanied by that twenties cold fronts we talk about and well that's the case of some rain showers in and around torn and northern portions of saudi arabia which was iraq during the look at some showers in the sunday by monday. fixing what this shows the decrease in your captures the d a three day forecast sunny in cairo down to about twenty degrees baghdad getting down twenty six in a damascus seen a significant drop going for the weekend as the front does push bike. also a big swing in temperatures across the americas here where stingray now as the storm system actually move the crib through the northern plains into the great lakes. let's bring in some snowing even the threat of freezing rain out here as does continue to
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push off big thing with it though i'd had that we're seeing a warming trend even some wintry precipitation across the carolinas as well but once that pushes a bunny free to see a big drop in the temperatures and then by sunday and monday to come rate back up so rollercoaster ride down here in denver oklahoma city. they believe that if the team down the set up the thirteen and twenty two the bbc a gradual warming trend of the fifteen their fire monday. i am noon. and the time. up to. that seems
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like the sour and unit on
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the intel. this year and in the world thanks very much for joining them in spring game the eye. ch. it was. it
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is. i have. our. i do. eye.
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group of cambodian models takes to the catwalk. this fashion show is being held in the cambodian capital of phnom


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